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ALERT February 1, 2019
foytix spotted these brand-new, still-in-the-crate, 2019 CRF250F twins at a NC dealer receiving area where he works.
Thanks for the heads-up and picture.
I did some spot checking, and the 250F is in stock on the west coast, Colorado, and the mid-west, plus many places in Canada. GO GET EM!

On ThumperTalk - CRF250f came in at work today.

ALERT February 12, 2019
I called APEX in Colorado Springs this morning, and asked about the CRF250F. They said one was already sold and picked up, and they had one on the floor. I drove down and had a look-see.

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        It fits me just fine....

Don't mind those bikes in the background cluttering up the shot.


They have 2 more in a crate - better get down there. busy
No, I didn't buy it; I'm sittin on the fence for now.

Three days later -
Oops, I did it again.



I'm takin you home!

Stay tuned. It needs a mod or two to give it my 'special' look. Heh Heh Heh.


Honda announced the new 2019 CRF250F in early November, 2018. Details on the  Honda CRF250F web page.   and   Features and Benefits

Let's have a look at this new beauty...



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The Brazilian home model has a headlight, and a small instrument panel hidden behind it. After reviewing several Brazil-made videos, I have determined that the small instrument panel behind the headlight is the same as the US model, and there is no headlight switch here. Perhaps they have wired the headlight to a point in the wiring that is live when the engine is running, and have no need for a headlight switch. NOTE - no taillight/brake light. busy


ThumperTalk inmate 'tatau' from Brazil posted a very informative video on ThumperTalk where he showed the 250F completely disassembled. He showed the cylinder head and cam and discussed various features.  CRF250F how its made

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Some of his comments:

"Rear shock is locked like in the 230. I had to drill it to remove nitro and then disassemble it. But the internal valve and shims stack is much better than 230."

"Head gasket is multiple layered steel."

"Dog bone not aluminum, only the swingarm is."

"250F steel chassis is 5.3 lbs heavier than 230 chassis.
250F engine is 6.6 lbs heavier than 230 engine.
I was surprised to find out 250F steel gas tank (without gas pump) is 1.1 lighter than 230 plastic tank."

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MUST WATCH video of Race in Brazil:

CRF250F wins the 5th Challenge Take Off driver Rodrigo Cavalini


My CRF250F YouTube videos:

CRF250F on Rainbow Trail
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BigBore Options

Do you understand Portuguese?


CRF 250F Melhorias de performance / Cilindrada / Comando / Cabeçote
(CRF 250F Performance improvements / Displacement / Control / Head)


Heads Up from FredR: There is a setting on youtube to turn on closed captioning which you can then select to translate into English.
So, click the CC box for closed captioning, then select the language in the 'wheel' pull-down right next to the CC box.



The Service Manual is available from   Helm, inc.


It came today 2018/12/18.
Standard high-quality Honda manual.

Selected pages are at   Honda CRF250F - Documents

CRF250F parts are available online:
Apex Sports
Discount Honda Parts
Honda Parts House
Rocky Mountain ATV/MC
Ron Ayers
Service Honda

I was browsing through the parts list and found a few eye openers!!!!
$40 spark plug  $400 fuel tank  Over $900 for FI gizmos


Comparo - CRF250F vs CRF230F

CRF250F 2019 (from Honda web page and Honda Service Manual)

CRF230F (from Honda Service Manual)

Engine 249cc air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke 223cc air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke with electric starting
Bore and stroke 71.0 x 63.0mm 65.5 x 66.2mm
Compression ratio 9.6:1 9.0:1
Valve Train SOHC; four-valve SOHC; two-valve
Cam Intake opens at 1mm lift 0° BTDC
Intake closes at 1mm lift 35° ABDC
Exhaust opens at 1mm lift 40° BBDC
Exhaust closes at 1mm lift -5° ATDC
Intake opens at 1mm lift 10° BTDC
Intake closes at 1mm lift 40° ABDC
Exhaust opens at 1mm lift 35° BBDC
Exhaust closes at 1mm lift 10° ATDC
Engine dry weight 73.0 lbs 68.8 lbs
Air filter Oiled polyurethane foam Oiled polyurethane foam
Induction Fuel-injection, 34mm throttle bore; bank angle sensor assembly Carburetor, 28mm piston-valve, 42 pilot, 102 main
Transmission 5-speeds, primary reduction 2.863 (63/22) 6-speeds, primary reduction 3.090 (68/22)
1st thru top ratios 2.846  1.900  1.400  1.083  0.897 2.769  1.941  1.450  1.148  0.960  0.812
1st thru top internal gears 37/13  38/20  28/20  26/24  26/29 36/13  33/17  29/20  31/27  24/25  26/32
Final drive #520 O-ring sealed chain, 13/50T (3.846) #520 O-ring sealed chain, 13/50T (3.846)
Starting system Electric starter motor Electric starter motor
Battery Yuasa YTZ7S Yuasa YTX5L-BS
Ignition Full Transistorized CDI solid-state digital
Charging system Single phase output alternator Single phase output alternator
Alternator capacity 0.209 kW / 5,000 rpm   aka   209 W / 5,000 rpm 60 W / 5,000 rpm
Regulator/rectifier SCR shorted single phase, half-wave rectification SCR shorted single phase, half-wave rectification
Spark plug and gap NGK LMAR7H-9DS   .8 - .9mm (.03 - .04") gap NGK DPR8EA-9   .8 - .9mm (.03 - .04") gap
Front suspension 41mm telescopic fork; 8.5" travel 37mm leading-axle Showa fork, 8.5" travel
Rear suspension Pro-Link Showa shock with spring-preload adjustability, 9.1" travel Pro-Link Showa shock with spring-preload adjustability, 9.1" travel
Front brake Single 240mm disc Single 240mm disc
Rear brake Single 220mm disc Drum
Front tire 80/100-21 80/100-21
Rear tire 100/100-18 100/100-18
Rake (Castor) 26° 5´ 26° 45´
Trail 4.0" 4.4"
Wheelbase 55.9" 54.0"
Seat height 34.8"
34.3" - '03-'07
34.6" - after '07
Ground clearance 11.3" 12.0"
Curb weight *1 265 lbs
250.2 lbs - '03-'07
248.5 lbs - '08-'14
249 lbs - after '14
Dry weight *2 248 lbs (weighed by me) 233 lbs (weighed by me)
Fuel capacity *3 1.59 US gal / 6.0 liters
1.70 US gal / 6.45 liters with caution
2.17 gallons, including 0.4 gallon reserve - '03-'07
1.85 gallons, including 0.34 gallon reserve - after '07
Color Red Red
Emissions Meets California Air Resources Board (CARB)
and EPA off-road emissions standards.
Meets California Air Resources Board (CARB)
and EPA off-road emissions standards.
*1 Curb Weight - includes all standard equipment, required fluids with a full tank of fuel-ready to ride.
*2 Dry Weight - includes all standard equipment, required fluids with an empty fuel tank.
*3 CRF250F Owner's Manual and Service Manual show 1.59 US gal, 6.0 liters. During filling, if you burp the air out when the fuel gets up to the bleed hole in the filler tube, and continue filling until the bleed hole is covered by fuel and no further air will burp out, you can get 1.70 gal, 6.45 liter in the tank. You should look at the fuel filler cap to see how much room you need to leave so no fuel spills out as you thread the cap on. So just exactly how much is .11 gal extra worth? At about 60 MPG, that's about 6 miles. Wanna walk or ride that extra 6 miles?

Specifications subject to change without notice or regard to customers' expectations based
on previous model years' specifications or previous specifications for this model year.

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