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I found some 250R pics on the web and the proud owner, mxracer250 from Massachusetts, allowed me to post a few of them here. He rode his new Honda for the first time, and here's what he has to say:

Hey all! The bike's sittin' in my garage now. I got it in on Tuesday (11/25/03). I only had time to ride it once for a few minutes so far (because most of the time I spent reading the manual - lots of maintenance involved!) but I will tell you, THIS THING IS FAST!!! I did not work the bike that hard because I want to break it in right, so I tried to avoid rapid acceleration like the manual said, but it was tempting!!! The bike is real light and compact - you can easily bring the front end off the ground if you give it enough gas. The bike also corners really well and has real good suspension. The magic however is in the engine. Honda did a great job with the unicam and it is so powerful. It has a great mid-range hit and it will definitely bring home many trophies at the races!!!


View from the cockpit


Toys for boys



Here are some pictures of Garon's new CRF250R.

ThumperTalk post from Linco on 1/24/03 - First ride, it's too cold but I can't wait !!!

This thing rips. It's 20 degrees and I heated the garage up to do the suspension on the DRZ and put the supermoto stuff back on. And the Honda was calling out. So I kicked it about 40 times (it was real cold) and she fired up. I took it up the street and hit 5th gear, it was movin. 1st 2nd and 3rd gear wheelies are no problem and a MUST. I was as giddy as a school girl when I got back to the garage. This bike is way too much fun. Light, great turning, the suspension is a little stiff but that is to be expected until normal temps and a few rides for break in and I have done nothing but put a couple of stickers on it so far. I had 2 coats on (it was REAL cold) and weigh about 215 and the bike carries me great. Again, this bike is way too much fun. I am really happy with the bike!!