CRF250R/X Pictures

I went to the 2002 International Motorcycle Show in Denver on December 21 and saw the non-functioning but very real looking CRF250R and CRF250X. I was able to compare them to the CRF450R, also on the floor. The frame spar from the headset to the swingarm on the 250 is about 5/8" narrower than the 450. The frame section that the upper shock mounts to is smaller on the 250 than on the 450. The 250 engine is definitely smaller than the 450. The water pump and oil filter holder do not stick out as far on the 250 as on the 450. It doesn't look like the 250 needs the small frame-mounted guards that the 450 had to protect those parts.

I want a 250X as soon as Thumper makes the 300 cc engine kit and the taller-5th-gear kit, IMS makes the 3 gallon gas tank, and E-line makes the carbon fiber engine guard.


Engine - right side

Engine - left side


Engine - right side

Left side - note side stand

Very small trick headlight

Even more trick taillight 

The electric starter

Left end of starter


I'll take this one