CRF250R changes from 2004 to 2005

November 4, 2005 version

I got the new 2005 CRF250R Parts Catalog from Helm, Inc (9/7/04), and immediately spent about an hour looking through it to see what was new for 2005.

There were changes on 33 pages, sometimes just one or two and sometimes as many as six or seven.

Here's a list of most of the changes (these all have new part numbers; I don't know the extent of the differences):

Engine and carb:
Cylinder head and gasket, spark plug (and spark plug wrench!), cam (but not the valves and springs), cylinder and gasket, right crankcase cover, clutch springs (but not the plates), crankcase right and left center cases, countershaft (plus four collars and a bearing but no gear changes), gearshift (forks, shafts, drum and spindle), carb floats, diaphragm pump (accel pump), needle (NCYQ), main jet (170), pilot jet (42).

Suspension / brakes / wheels:
Front fork changes, rear brake pads, caliper, and bracket, rear wheel hub, spokes, and axle, rear shock (many including damper, piston assembly and rod).

Fuel tank, radiator shrouds and graphics, seat, side number plates (both), air cleaner housing (but not the air cleaner), muffler (and several associated exhaust pipe changes), chain guide, swingarm, rear fender, ignition control module, both radiators and the cap, frame and upper engine hanger brackets.


Notable unchanged items include:

Valve assemblies (valves, valve springs, valve spring retainers, valve spring seats, valve cotters, buckets, shims)

Piston assembly (piston, rings, pin, clips)

Clutch plates

Air cleaner


Front wheel assembly (hub, rim, spokes, front brake)


The new cylinder head has a new oval cross-section inlet shape but not new valve seats. It will work on the '04 and '05 250X also!

The front axle has a different offset, so some fork changes are for this difference, but some changes were for new valving and springs.

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