CRF250R changes from 2005 to 2006

November 19, 2005 version

New for 2006

-New dual-muffler exhaust system centralizes mass and reduces turning inertia to improve the lightweight feel of the bike.
-Dual-muffler exhaust system also increases low-rpm torque.
-New piston shape increases mid- and high-rpm power.
-New thinner piston ring for reduced engine friction.
-Cylinder head features new exhaust port shape for improved power at high rpm.
-Intake valve seats incorporate a new material to improve valve durability.
-New camshaft profile increases high-rpm power.
-New 40mm Keihin FCR carburetor increases high-rpm power.
-New ignition mapping works in conjunction with new cylinder head and camshaft for improved power throughout the rev range.
-New front hub is lighter and stronger.
-New front fork outer tubes for lighter weight.
-Radiators are mounted 5mm lower for lower center of gravity and improved weight feel.
-New swingarm construction for lighter weight.
-New front and rear suspension valving for improved bump absorption.

Here are the differences, in parts catalog order. Until I get a fiche or parts catalog, this will be a very short and incomplete list:
Description Part number Comment
Head 12010-KRN-850 New oval intake and exhaust port shapes, new valve seat material
Ring set (std)
Pin, piston
Clip, piston pin
New piston shape increases mid- and high-rpm power
New thinner piston ring for reduced engine friction

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