DSRCC - Dual Sport Riding in Central Colorado - 11/11/17 version

Note on 11/11/17 - Unfortunately, I must tell you that all of the BLM web pages mentioned on this page, and on all the pages that this page references, are no longer valid. The BLM has completely reorganized their web presence, and all of their previous maps and other data are nowhere to be found. They may, at some future time, bring back the maps and data and put them into web pages that the public can see once again.

I shall remove the invalid links from this page and referenced pages, and will attempt to get the maps in a location that you can access again. This may take some time... Note that many of the pages reference maps that I have copied to my own server, so the information here is still somewhat useable.

Now back to our program.

Here is a collection of web pages showing information about dual sport motorcycle riding in Central Colorado. Each of these web pages is keyed to a specific BLM motorized recreation area as shown on the BLM Royal Gorge Field Office Off-Highway Vehicles web page as well as a few other BLM sites not specifically mentioned and also a few non-BLM sites/loops of my own.

When I say 'dual sport', I'm primarily talking about off-highway riding on dirt roads, 4WD roads, ATV trails, and a few very easy single-track trails. Riding in most of these areas is easy to very easy. If I think an area is difficult, I will so note. Some areas are very small with few miles of routes, but often you can link several areas together to make up a day of riding, which is particularly true in the Canon City area. The lower elevation areas, especially around Canon City, can often be ridden in winter months because they get much less snow than the mountains.

If you stay within the BLM riding areas, you'll only need a Colorado State OHV sticker. If you ride public roads to travel between areas, you'll need a license plate and driver's license.

The BLM Royal Gorge Field Office (RGFO) has a very good recreational web presence with web sites showing Camping, Mountain Biking, Off-Highway Vehicles, Scenic Byways, Target Shooting, and other activities.

The BLM web sites include information such as:
Allowed Uses     
Miles Of Trail
Types Of Trail     
Water Availability     
and a link to a map     

My web pages:
  show a clip of the area map,
  describe the area from a riders viewpoint,
  show a link to an area map,
  show a link to the BLM Seasonal Closures page (NEW),
  show directions to the area,
  show a link to a short YouTube video of some of the riding,
  show a few pictures.

Between the two kinds of web pages, you'll find all the information you need to plan a visit and know what to expect when you get there.

Both the BLM web pages and my web pages have links to maps, but as a convenience, I have included map links here also. Click 'map' to view or right-click to save.

NOTE - the BLM has updated some of their maps during 2014 and I will be updating links on these pages as time allows. I will remove this note when all the links have been updated.

Ark Valley - Taylor Park Loop 8/15/14   map       
Bonanza OHV Tour   map
Coaldale 2/2/17   map
Colorado Springs to Lake City 9/3/11   map
Cotopaxi North 2/2/17   map
Crampton Mtn 2/2/17   map
Fourmile Area map only 12/21/07
Garden Park 2/2/17   map
Gold Belt Tour 2/9/13   map
Gold Camp/Old Stage Road 9/3/11   map
Grand Canyon Hills 2/2/17   map
Gulches Area 2/2/17   map  CHANGED
Herring Park Loop 2/25/13   map
Kerr Gulch 2/18/13   map
McCoy Gulch 2/2/17   map
Oil Well Flat 2/2/17   map  CHANGED
Penrose Commons 2/2/17   map  CHANGED
Red Canyon Park Loop 3/10/13   no map yet      
Redstone 8/29/06   no map yet
River Road 3/22/13   map
Road Gulch 2/21/13   map
Salida North 2/21/13   map
Salida South 2/21/13   map
Seep Springs 2/2/17   map  CHANGED
St Elmo Loop 4/1/13   map
Texas Creek 11/25/11   map
Wellsville to Howard (North) 2/21/13   map
Wellsville South 11/19/13   map

An  area map  with hot links for many (but not all) recreation areas.   Here's a  jpg version;  click to view or right-click to save and print.

Target shooting is closed in certain areas: Target Shooting and closure maps
There is a designated area for target shooting in the Garden Park area.

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