Deleted Web Pages
June 13, 2020 version

I've had my website since 2001. I've added new info and removed old info as time has crawled by. I can't afford the cost of keeping ALL of the info that I've generated over the years, so it's cut and prune.

You can access archived copies of my deleted web pages on the Way Back Machine. Some files will not be accessible because of how the archive site works.

You can also save the entire web page as a source copy of the html code OR as a pdf. Try it, you may find it useful to have a pdf copy of the entire mods page, pictures and all!

In the FireFox browser, saving the source html is in the 'File' menu: select 'Save Page As....'

Saving as a pdf file is in the 'File > Print...' menu; select the PDF option.

The WayBackMachine / archive has a donate page:

I send them some money because I use archive to look up old info about once a month or so. Couldn't do it without their service. Donate according to your own preference.

These deleted pages are on the archive web site:

The only WayBackMachine archive of the AJP mods page was on June 21 2016:

Husky TE310
The last good WayBackMachine archive of the TE310 mods page was in June 2017:

Husky TE610
The last good WayBackMachine archive of the TE610 mods page was in December 2011:

Husqvarna Resources
The last good WayBackMachine archive of the Husqvarna Resources page was in November 2013:

The last good WayBackMachine archive of the WR250R data was in June 2017: