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The Fourmile Travel Management Area is located in northern Chaffee County and consists of 100,000 acres of USFS and BLM managed lands. The area offers a variety of recreational activities from ATV and motorcycle riding to hiking, biking and horseback riding.

The Fourmile area has easy dirt roads, 4WD roads, ATV trails, one single-track motorcycle trail, and non-motorized hiking trails. And quite a few designated camping areas.

Here is a map of the area. Click the map to see a larger jpg version (print for reference).

Click pdf map to view or right-click to save a pdf map of the area for printing. The pdf version is higher quality than the jpg version.

For current maps of the Fourmile area visit:
Garna Friends of Fourmile

The Salida Ranger District MVUM map shows access points and routes within the area also.


The Fourmile Travel Management Area can be accessed from a variety of locations. From Buena Vista, CO, you can access the area via county road 371/375 and the Barbara Whipple Trail located on the east side of Main Street. Other access points are off of Highways 285/24 via county roads 304, 305, 307, 308, 311 and 315.

The southern portion of the Fourmile area can be accessed off of Highway 285 running south via county roads 301, 300 and 185 (Aspen Ridge north of Salida).

Parking is available throughout the Fourmile area. Please do not park in grassy areas or in locations that might result in damage to delicate soils and vegetation.

See Dual Sport Riding in Central Colorado for information about other areas and rides.


Single-track motorcycle trail - Triad Ridge Trail (#1425) - about 6-7 miles long, if that.

Like to stand while you ride? Ride along with Matt on his quick trip through both parts (12 minutes).

YouTube video - Triad ridge Buena Vista Colorado Part 1

YouTube video - Triad Ridge Buena Vista, Colorado Part 2

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