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The Kerr Gulch area is a quiet woodsy area with 5 BLM motorized routes. The area is often rideable in winter because it doesn't get much snow.

The motorized routes are easy county and BLM dirt roads. The total riding mileage is about xx miles, so all routes can easily be ridden in a day. Kerr Gulch Rd is a Rainbow Trail access and bailout route.

The map clip on the right --->  shows the Highway 50 entrance to the area. Click the map to see a larger jpg version showing the entire area (print for reference).

Click Off-highway Vehicles and then "Kerr Gulch" on the lower right to get a pdf map of the area.

DIRECTIONS: From Cañon City, drive west on Highway 50 about xx miles.

From Salida, drive east on Highway 50 about 16 miles.

No YouTube videos; check back in the spring.

See Dual Sport Riding in Central Colorado for information about other areas and rides.

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