Moto Roman

I was browsing the net looking for info on the '05 CRF250X when I stumbled onto the Japanese site 'Moto Roman'. Apparently the dealer buys aftermarket parts from the USA and other places and installs them on brand new CR250Xs and then sells them fully outfitted. Some of the stuff is very interesting.

Classy - the seat is covered with protective plastic. Note - no thermostat switch in the radiator ;-(

I like that taillight and license plate bracket.

Clear turn signals?

I don't remember my 250X frame having a spot for an ignition switch.

Ya gotta love it...

Those are some tall stalks.

Works Connection has an in.

A whole herd.

This kit would be a hot seller in the USA. It's even got a horn. But no cooling fan - I checked every picture ;-(

Very nice rear fender support and license plate bracket!

I'll bet this is a very bright taillight!

 Some of this stuff would go over very well in the USA - think?