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Oil Well Flat is a BLM-managed area that has dirt roads, bicycle trails, horseback trails, and hiking trails. The area is about 14 miles northwest of Cañon City on Red Canyon Road (CR 9). The area is often rideable in winter because it doesn't get much snow, and the snow it does get usually melts quickly. Summer temperatures in this area can be uncomfortably high, so I don't recommend it - go west to the mountains instead.

The motorized routes are easy dirt roads. The total riding mileage is about 10 miles, so all the routes can easily be ridden in a day. Some routes marked by signs on the ground are not yet shown on the map.

The map clip on the right --->  shows the main entry on CR 9. Click the map to see a larger jpg version showing the entire area (print for reference).

Click pdf map to view or right-click to save a pdf map of the area for printing. The pdf version is higher quality than the jpg version.

Click BLM Seasonal Closures page (NEW) to see the Royal Gorge Field Office Wet Weather Gate Status.

DIRECTIONS: From US Hwy 50 in Cañon City, turn north onto Dozier Street (at Wal-Mart) or head north on Raynolds. Travel north on either road as both will curve to the left and intersect Field Avenue.

Turn north (right) on Field and travel on this two-lane road for about 2.3 miles. It will join Fremont County Road 9 (also called Red Canyon Road) at a Y intersection. From here, continue north for 3.6 miles to BLM road #5940 which will be on your right. Head up the steep grade to the parking area on your right.

YouTube no-frills video - Oil Well Flat ride on 3/2/13 riding a Honda CRF250L.

See Dual Sport Riding in Central Colorado for information about other areas and rides.

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