Redstone Ride Report      Slideshow

These pictures were taken on a ride from Crested Butte to Redstone (and back) on Tuesday, August 29, 2006.

I had always wanted to ride over Schofield Pass and down Crystal Canyon to see the Devil's Punchbowl, the Crystal Mill, and the towns of Crystal and Marble. So, I rounded up a few friends in the late summer, and we rode from Crested Butte to the town of Redstone, had lunch, then rode back. We bypassed Schofield Pass in favor of a more scenic route; we'll do Schofield next time.

It was a great ride, even with the dirt roads and pavement sections that we had to ride. We rode several excellent trails. The scenery was awesome, the trails were fun, and the guys were excellent company!

Tourist center parking lot in CB.

There were several places to stop and see the sights.

Winding our way down the valley.

West of Schofield Pass.

Schofield Park.

We met a group that had several walking-impaired riders on specialty bikes that were arm-powered.

JimM checks out one of the waterfalls.

Regroup and review.

Dudley on the DRZ.

JimM gets a wash job.

Devil's Punch Bowl section.

Below the Punch Bowl.

It was right about there...

It was steeper than it looks.

Here we are in Crystal, talking to a resident and author of several small books on the area.

Old sign.

The Crystal Mill.

Any pair are older than the Crystal Mill; see the previous old sign and work it out.

Instead of riding down the canyon, we took an alternate route through Lead King Basin.

Some of the views in Lead King Basin.

We found stacks of marble blocks in a storage yard in Marble.

Finally, the Redstone Inn.

Lunch at the Redstone Inn.
The food was excellent, even though they don't look too happy...

The trail goes over the edge here.

Right over the edge!

JimM in the aspen.

Dudley, also.

And JackG.

This sign was key to finding our way.

WA and JackG on Carbon Tr.

Dudley does a Laugh-In tip-over.

Alas, I didn't take nearly enough pictures of the fun sections of Carbon Tr. The trail was technical in sections, muddy and rocky, and I'm glad we rode it south to north.

No one had any problems on the ride, bike or otherwise. We had dinner in Crested Butte before heading back to Salida and Nathrop.

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