Husqvarna 2008 TE610

June 10, 2009, version





These web pages are all about the Husqvarna 2008 TE610. Some of the information presented will apply to other models also, but that is not intentional.

I bought my Husqvarna 2008 TE610 in March 2008. Before buying, I did a lot of research on the web, looking at what was available in this size and class of moto. Once I decided on the Husky TE610, I searched for information about maintenance, modifications, hop-ups, rider experiences, etc. Several motorcycle forums had Husky information, but there was very little specific to the TE610. I decided to collect what I could find, add to it where I could, and make a TE610 web page. One thing I want to make clear is that this page is for the '08 TE610, not previous year models. There is very little detailed knowledge about this specific model, and I intend to spend considerable time and effort to get as much information as I can and present it on this page. I don't think this will ever be as extensive as my CRF web pages, but you never know how things may turn out.


I'll begin with the test ride. I arranged a test ride at Northern Colorado BMW/Ducati in Loveland, CO, on a Saturday in early March. Loveland is about a 3 1/2 hour drive from Salida, and I was ready to ride by the time I got to the shop. The only problem was the seat was too high for me. I'm about 5'5" and have short legs, so I had to use the curb as a cheater. Once I clicked the TE into gear and rolled off, I was ok. Twisting the throttle briskly and keeping an eye on the tach, I rowed the gears to 6th. Wow, this thing was fast. I looked at the speedo and saw 60! The TE was smooth shifting, and the engine pulled effortlessly through the gears, then loafed along smoothly while I cruised. I was reluctant to take it into the dirt because I would be unable to put a foot down, if necessary, but I finally did a short detour off-road with no problems. Back on the road, I cruised. I rode around for 20 minutes or so and enjoyed the ride.


After the test ride, I drove back to Salida and thought about what I should do. The suspension would have to be lowered, and I could see that some of the standard equipment might have to be modified or replaced, like that huge taillight assembly. Nevertheless, I decided that the TE was what I was looking for: a powerful, not too heavy, dual-sport moto that had some eye appeal. It has a closed-loop fuel injection, six-speed tranny, single overhead cam with screw adjusters for setting valve clearance (no bucket and shims), and, except for the FI, it's not a first year effort.

The TE arrived at the dealers on March 13, and I picked it up on March 15. The saga begins.


See my Husqvarna Resources web page for some tips on where I find information on the web.

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All good things must come to an end, and my TE610 adventure has now ended. I sold my TE610 and moved on to a new adventure with an '09 TE310. I rode with Rob, the new owner, yesterday, and he seemed to like his new TE610. He let me swing a leg over one last time, and the old girl surprised me with an unfamiliar surge of power. I have been riding my new TE310 for four months and forgotten how really sweet the 610 was. I almost called the deal off, but Rob was having none of it.




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