Taylor Park and Crested Butte Area 2002-2

Husky rider vs mud hole

I ran into a group from COSPGS while I was working on Block and Tackle Trail. They kindly helped me clear a rather large down tree.

After pitching in,

they continued riding,

...see ya later.

Pucker Point on Double Top
The trick is to stay high; the lower trail is harder.

NO, no, no, stay high!
He wasn't happy.
"I nefer haf problems before" w/Austrian accent.

As I watched him fall, my chin clanged on my gas tank. The bike stopped quickly, but he rolled several times. I actually thought he was going over the edge. It's at least 300' straight down.

A real MikeW moment.

Now try it again
(note the dangling bark buster)

Much better. I could breath again.
Note - his buddy ahead of him never missed a beat.

RonC of the San Juan Trail Riders
Gunnison Spur

Well lit, for the dark woods

Unknown SJTR rider

RonC runs out of mo

Silver Plume Store in Pitkin

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