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I sold my WR250R in May, 2013.
There will be no more updates to these WRR pages.

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That's not me, it's some young Yamaha Factory rider.

I looked at Yamaha's fuel-injected dual-sport WR250R at the local Yamaha dealer, and thought it was nice looking, but a bit heavy. Later I had a chance to throw a leg over a WRR at WestFest and found that the weight wasn't much of a bother; it's carried quite low. I spent several weeks reading the voluminous material available on many web sites and forums and finally came to a decision - I would buy a 2010 model.

A week later, I decided not to wait for the 2010 models, and drove over to Sun Sports in Gunnison and picked up a brand new 2009 model.





Web Resources

If you just take the time and look, the web has many useful WR250R-themed resources. Let Google be your friend.

Forums and WR250R sites

Forums are electronic bulletin boards that are hosted on web sites and that allow you to read what others are discussing (lurker mode) as well as participate in the discussions yourself. Some web sites are nothing more than forums while others have a host of other information besides the forums. WR250R sites are run by riders who document their modifications and/or adventures and share them with others via a web site. Like this very site you're lookin' at now.

ADVrider.com  Search for WR250R in the Thumpers forum.

Thumpertalk.com  ThumperTalk has a Yamaha dual sport forum.

BigDogAdventures.com/WR250R.htm  Big Dog's WR250R mods - comprehensive and very detailed. Check out his 'Adventure Ride Links' on his home page!

WRR/X Forum  Both WR250 R and X models are covered here, in a very friendly community of riders.

WRR Dual Sport.com  This web site is just for WR250R and X models showing reviews, a technical guide to modifications, and other related information. The technical information is presented in a clear and concise way with excellent supporting pictures. This web site is a gem among the rough.

Ordering OEM and aftermarket parts online

ServiceHonda.com - This web site sells Honda and Yamaha OEM parts. Their prices are fair (about 30% off MSRP) and the shipping is very reasonable. There are other sites that sell OEM parts, but I use Service Honda most of the time because they seem to be able to get parts quickly, even when they are backordered from Yamaha.

Yamaha Sports Plaza - This web site sells Yamaha OEM and GYTR parts. They advertise 30% off and have the most complete collection of GYTR parts I have found. And priced right, too. They were formerly South Seattle Sports Plaza, now located in Fairview, Oregon; web site address is the same.

Wheeling Cycle Supply - This web site sells aftermarket WR250 R and X parts. Click on "2008 WR250 R/X Special Items" on the top-left of the home page.

Owners Manual, Service Manual, and Parts Catalog

You'll get the Owner's Manual from the dealer when you buy a new bike. When you buy used, you may not be so lucky. You can buy the Owners Manual, Service Manual, and Parts Catalog from most places that sell OEM parts. I bought what I needed from Service Honda (yes, they sell Yamaha parts)  -  ServiceHonda.com

Interesting forum posts

Here are some very interesting posts describing some outstanding rides on the WR250R, really the cream of the crop. 'skierd' provided the initial list and I added a few that I thought were appropriate. I spent all day reading every last page while it snowed outside. When I finished reading, I almost got on my WR250R and went for a ride. Almost, because there was 3" of snow on the paved roads and the dirt roads were worse. Better wait a few days before heading out...

How I Spent My Summer Vacation, or 6000 miles on a WR250R  skierd takes a three week summer vacation, riding from Jellico, TN to Salida, CO and return.

Pop & Pax - West TAT 2009  Pax and Pop ride nine memorable days on the western TAT from Salida, CO to Waldport, OR.

Rocky Mountain HighFive  HighFive, KLR Monty, and Garand spend a grand weekend in central Colorado riding from San Isabel to Maysville and return. Comments from readers lead me to believe that HF recruited no fewer than six WR250R converts, including me.

The Other Side of Nowhere!  HighFive goes to Big Bend and has a chilly ride home.

To The Bottom Of Ongtupqa And Back...  emerson.biguns and two other riders travel from Tucson, Arizona to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back; a thousand miles round trip in four and a half days.

BigDogs----WR250R Fall Ride  BigDog says: "I rode my 2008 WR250R and was packed for camping--and camping I did. I headed Southwest thru Southern Illinois--and here you have it thru my eyes."

BigDog--ShadowOfTheRockiesTrail/Colorado/Wyoming/Idaho/Utah  BigDog says: "I put 2,475 miles on the 250 on this trip with no problems--never even adjusted the chain. My buddy got feeling very badly in Idaho and had to go home--so I rode the last few days by myself. This ride started and ended in Kim Colorado (population 42)."

BigDog----Poncho and Lefty  BigDog saya: "Me and Randy rode about 1,700 miles along the New Mexico and Arizona border. There are quite a few places I've been dreaming about that we got to visit on this ride."

TATtered old men -Eastern TAT Edition.  10Cup, Lee and Burt ride the Eastern TAT.

Continental Divide Ride August 2009  10Cup rides the Continental Divide solo!

1950 miles in 7 days on a WR250R in Alaska?  Chris7521 rides around mainland Alaska for seven days.

The Key element to using the WR for long distance adventure riding is the fact that almost no terrain no matter how technical will stop you------or have you struggling terribly. And when you have to hit the pavement at times------crank her up to a smooth and easy 70mph and down the road you go. It also has many elements of much bigger bikes----a huge alternator and strong subframe----2 vital elements when packing for a long adventure ride.

HF waiting for his riding buddy.
There's nothing worse than waiting for your buddy to get his act together for the big ride.

busy Looking for camping bling in the Rider Wearhouse catalog (Aerostich)!
Check out the pillow.

busy Desperate for entertainment.
Watch out, she's getting ready to say "gin."


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2008 WR250R Specifications (from Service Manual)

Overall length 2175mm / 85.6 in
Overall width 810mm / 31.9 in
Overall height 1230mm / 48.4 in
Seat height 930mm / 36.6 in
Wheelbase 1420mm / 55.9 in
Ground clearance 300mm / 11.81 in
Wet weight w/oil & fuel 134Kg / 295 lb

Specifications subject to change without notice or regard to customers' expectations based on previous model years specifications or previous specifications for this model year.  busy