Sur Ron Luna X Bike
November 18, 2020 version



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I bought a brand new 2020 Sur Ron Luna X Bike, Black Edition, in November 2020. At the time of purchase, I was recovering from a Rotator Cuff surgical procedure, and had no ability to ride anything. My plan was to go through rehab, and at about 6 months post-op when I would expect to return to normal daily activities, I would begin riding on a light-weight electric bicycle. I would ride the ebike for 6 months in training for eventual graduation to more rigorous riding on my CRF230F and CRF250F. And so the story unfolds.

First, I had to decide which light-weight electric bicycle I should buy. I had been peripherally aware of electric bicycles and electric motorcycles for several years but always felt that my CRFs were all the 2-wheeled entertainment that I needed. Then, I discovered ebikes. I am using the term ebike to refer to that class of electric 2-wheeled vehicles that sprang out of China and elsewhere and were a cross between an electric bicycle and a motorcycle. These bikes have a heavier frame, swing arm, and forks than electric bicycles. They are heavier overall than an electric bicycle but still much lighter than a similar sized motorcycle.

Here are some examples of electric 2-wheeled 'bikes'. This is just a sample; there are many more models in each category.

Electric bicycle - Santa Cruz, Specialized



ebike - Sur Ron Light Bee, RevX, Drill One




Electric motorcycle1 - Zero FX, Sur Ron Storm Bee



Electric motorcycle2 - Honda, KTM



There are trials ebikes also, but I am not interested in trials riding, so I didn't include any pics etc.

So, how good are these ebikes in the fields and woods, and on/in/under water?

1st Place Winning Race | Sur-Ron X | Electric Against Gas Motorcycles

Sur Ron X 10/10/19

FIRST RIDE [and CRASH] | Electric Motion Motorcycles

Sur-Ron vs. E-MTB

I BOUGHT the CHEAPEST ELECTRIC dirt bike on Amazon

Enduro CM250     <----- !!!!!!!!!

Top 10 Electric Dirt Bikes of 2020-2021 (New and Trusted Motorcycle Models) as shown in this YouTube video from Automotive Territory

There are many of these 'Top 10' videos; I chose this one at random.

Segway X160-260
UBCO FRX1 Trail Bike
Electric Motion EPure Race and Comp
Tacita T-Race Rally
Zero FX
Kuberg Ranger
KTM Freeride E-XC
Torp Motors
LMX 161-H
SurRon LB Youth

After 3 months of research, I decided on a Sur Ron Light Bee or one of its derivatives. At the time of my decision in November 2020, the availability of Sur Rons and derivatives was getting scarce due to numerous rumors of new ebikes on the 2021 horizon. I eventually went for the Luna X Bike, Black Edition (with extras) as the best available at the time.



Here are the specs and ordering information:   Sur Ron X Bike (Black Edition)

I ordered the Luna X Bike from their web site on 11/9/2020.

On 11/11/2020, I got an order confirmation, and the bike arrived on 11/17/2020; that was fast!

Using Google, I found this YouTube video and some brief notes on unboxing and assembling the X Bike
SurRon X Unboxing & Assembly | Epic Cycles Canada

There are many of these videos; I chose this one at random.

And away we go.

Following the instructions, I unpacked the crate and assembled the X Bike.


Obligatory pose with my new ebike.
busy Am I happy?  
(The battery and a few other things have not been installed here...)

Ready to ride.
This is my 'get-well' bike. My usual ride is a Honda CRF230F or CRF250F.
I'm in rehab from a Rotator Cuff procedure until April.
I promised my Dr and my rehab physical therapist that I would ride one-handed during rehab...
Yee Haw!

I'm lookin for some beefier tyres, and there are lots of options.

These look like what I'd try first - youtube video

Break-in and testing, plus a few mods, to follow.....