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10/28/12   704 miles

I changed the oil and oil filter using Amsoil 10W40 oil and a Honda CRF250L oil filter. There was no need to change the gasket. I did my standard Honda oil filter spring mod - expand one of the end coils about 1mm which keeps the spring in place in the oil filter cap facilitating cap install.

I will send an oil sample to Blackstone Labs for a standard analysis ($25) and post any significant results.

I changed the radiator coolant to Engine Ice, performing the obligatory hot rinse with 50/50 distilled water and white vinegar, followed by a distilled water rinse. On the subsequent ride, the radiator fan seemed to come on less often.

(If the dealer did not already do it, remove the radiator cap safety screw before you try to take the cap off. I did not re-install the screw.)



Gearshift spindle replacement

If you fall while riding your CRF250L and break the shifter shaft (aka gearshift spindle), here's some good news.

TonyV, Canadian snowbird in Arizona, sent me some interesting pictures and notes. He wrote:

"During an earlier crash, one of four to be exact, I had to adjust my shift lever down on the spline because it was too high. When I got home that day I had thought that I'd bent the peg support, we talked about that weakness. I measured the peg elevation on both sides but they were fine, so I came to the conclusion that I must have tweaked the frame/foot peg mounts. However we now know that the spline had twisted effectively changing the position of the shift lever and that was my problem all along."

Here are two pictures of Tony's gearshift spindle:

busy busy
The twist on the inner splines must have happened in one of his falls afterwhich he had to adjust the shifter down. The break happened later.

Chapter 12 of the Service Manual shows:

Remove the following:
Drive sprocket cover
Clutch assembly (many steps not listed here)

Pull out the gearshift spindle assembly and washer from the crankcase.

However, Tony discovered that after removing the right crankcase cover he did not have to remove the clutch, and could remove the spindle by moving a spring slightly. When I work on my clutch upgrade, I'll take some pictures. Tony said it's fairly clear to see what needs to be moved...  Easy peasy!

Note: You may want to order the right crankcase cover gasket to be on the safe side. Tony didn't, but he separated the cover from the engine carefully, paying attention to preserving the gasket.

Gearshift spindle 24610-KYJ-900 - about $25.  Discount Honda Parts
Right crankcase cover gasket 11394-KYJ-900 - about $6.  Discount Honda Parts


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