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Alert - CRF250L news March 6, 2017:

Honda recently announced an updated CRF250L AND a new Rally version. The links on the chart below are not live; click on Honda recently announced to see the real thing.


DiscountHondaParts.com shows all four models in their on-line parts catalog. The mapping between dealer model names in the chart above, internal html names, and parts catalog names is peculiar. Using the names in the chart above:

Chart name Internal html name  Parts catalog name 
CRF250L Rally crf250lrh CRF250RL
CRF250L Rally ABS  crf250lrah CRF250RLA
CRF250L crf250lh CRF250L
CRF250L ABS crf250lah CRF250LA

Internal html name is the model name used in the web site html code,
in the ' BUILD YOUR BIKE    > ' hot link in the chart above.
I don't know what "h" in the internal html name stands for.
If "a" stands for 2010, then "h" would stand for 2017......


Alert - CBR300R news October 18, 2013:

"Honda unveiled a freshened-up and bored-out CBR300R at the China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition to fire back at Kawasaki's Ninja 300R."

Further info here:  Research


Over the winter of 2011/2012, word leaked out that Honda was going to release a new 250cc dual sport moto called the CRF250L. This lead to all sorts of speculation about what engine would be used (CRF250X/R) and how great it would be with CRF suspension, etc. Eventually Honda showed the CRF250L at the Tokyo show in December 2011. And then pictures (and videos) began popping up all over the place.

I began collecting pictures, links, and info and have gone through it all and unashamedly put it all on my own web page. I have noted the source of what is presented, when known.

The goal of this web page is to collect a lot of the info into one place and then to document my eventual purchase, modifications, and riding of this moto.

June 29, 2012 ALERT - Skyler Long of Timme Motor Sales in Pueblo West today confirmed that he has ordered CRF250L motos and the first one is on hold for me. Delivery is expected in August/September.
It's time to order some parts!

August 1, 2012 ALERT - Skyler advised me that the CRF250L will ship from the warehouse (Long Beach?) on August 17, so I may be riding by Aug 24!

August 15 - Surprise! Look what Santa brought.

"So, Rick, make sure the kickstand is down when you park the bike...."

It's a perfect fit and exactly the color I wanted. Gonna have to buy all new gear to match.

Happy days are here again.


Here are pictures I found on several Honda web sites.

Honda showed this version of the CRFL at the Tokyo show. This model is not expected to be built and sold by Honda; it was a marketing/engineering exercise to show what could be done to the base CRFL.

Here is a Supermoto version shown at the 2012 33rd Bangkok International Motorshow.

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The information and pictures in this table were taken from Honda's web sites and are Copyright Honda.



The crank journal employs a half-split, press fit metal bearing for the first time in a Honda motorcycle for the single-cylinder off-road category, while the crank bearing uses a cast-iron bush. To reduce weight and improve quietness, the design strengthens the rigidity of the case housing and controls the change in internal diameter oil clearance from thermal expansion. In addition, vibration is reduced by adopting a primary balancer.


To reduce the friction of the piston's reciprocating portion, the CRF250L employs an offset cylinder (offset 4 mm to the exhaust side), and the piston incorporates thick streaks and molybdenum coating, which facilitate lubrication by engine oil.


To reduce blow-by gas and oil consumption, a spiny sleeve was adopted for the cylinder sleeve. Small spines have been added to the outer surface to improve cooling performance and help reduce distortion of the inner cylinder's shape. In addition, centrifugal casting allowed a thin, uniform wall thickness, which aids weight reduction.


To fulfill basic performance requirements as an on/off-road model while setting higher targets for environmental performance, the development team came up with a roller rocker arm design for the valve system.


The extremely compact layout allows a low-fiction valve system to be achieved with a small cylinder head.


Part number 5 is the pickle-fork rocker arm. Part number 6 is the rocker arm pivot shaft. Not shown as a separate part is the internal roller which rides on the cam; see panel above.


Valve stems have been made thinner, although valve diameters are large for both intake and exhaust. This valve design is coupled with a wide opening angle and a high-lift cam to improve intake/exhaust efficiency. The valves are made of stainless steel.


Air induction and O2 sensor locations.
The air induction tube feeds fresh air to the exhaust port.


The air induction tube is inside the otherwise empty area of the cylinder head.

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Other sources of CRF250L info:

Honda Worldwide - CRF250L
Honda to Launch the New CRF250L On/Off-Road Model
Honda Announces More New-Model Releases for 2013   scroll down

Honda Crf 250L - Bikes in Thailand - Thailand Forum
The Honda CRF 250 L / Kawasaki KLX 250 shoot out! - RideAsia.net
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ADVrider "The 2012 CRF250L thread"
YouTube video "2013 Honda CRF 250L" 1:01
2012 NEW Honda CRF 250 L at 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 3:48   Excellent views of engine features


Other news and information

Honda manuals are available in the US from Helm, Inc.

31KZZA00/31KZZA01 -- 2013 CRF250L Owner's Manual
31KZZA10 -- 2014 CRF250L Owner's Manual
61KZZ00 -- 2013 CRF250L Service Manual  $49.95 + $6 S&H
61KZZ01 -- 2013-2014 CRF250L Service Manual  $49.95 + $6 S&H
14KZZD01 -- 2013 CRF250L Parts Catalog  $39.95 + $6 S&H

I suggest you always order the most recent version of manuals; older version numbers are provided for reference.

Order on-line:  HelmInc.com
Order Toll Free: 1-888-292-5393   Credit Card Orders Only   Mon-Fri 8am - 6pm EST

If manuals are not shown online, you can call 1-800-782-4356 and order them over the phone.


Here are some places I ride my CRFL:  Dual Sport Riding in Central Colorado


busy Lowering the seat

Information about lowering the seat has been posted on RideAsia.net by jb2112
Honda 250 CRF L: Adjusting (lowering) the rear shock

and by 2wheels
CRF Mods and Improvements
Scroll down

* Drill another set of holes in the lower shock mount

* Lower the triple clamps

That's about the easiest I've ever seen it done.
And it's easily reversed.

April 12, 2013    New on the scene; the CRF250M in red and black. (No biggie pix yet.)

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Specs from Honda web sites, the CBR250 Service Manual, and the CRF250L Owner's Manual. I have added US inch values where appropriate.
CRF250M specs are the same, except where noted.

See also:
Online CRF250L Parts Catalog w/prices in USD
Online UK CRF250M Parts Catalog w/prices in euros
CRF250L/M Parts Catalog pdf, shows L&M parts    Right-click to download and save

4-valve, single cylinder inclined 20°
and offset 4 mm to the exhaust side
Displacement 249.5 cc  
Bore 76.0 mm  
Stroke 55.0 mm  
Compression 10.7  
Piston rings Top, second, oil  
Engine lubrication Wet sump  
Oil Capacity 1.8 liter / 1.9 US qt  
Transmission Constant mesh 6-speed return  
Primary gear ratio 73/26  2.807  
  1st gear 40/12  3.333  
  2nd gear 36/17  2.117  
  3rd gear 33/21  1.571  
  4th gear 30/23  1.304  
  5th gear 29/26  1.115  
  6th gear 26/27  0.962  
Secondary gear ratio 40/14  2.857 39/14  2.786
Clutch Wet multiplate with coil springs  
Alternator Alternator triple phase output 337 W @ 5,000 RPM  
Ignition Full-transistor battery ignition  
Spark plug NGK SIMR8A9    Gap .031-.035" (.80-.90 mm)  
Throttle body PGM-FI, 36mm throttle body  
Coolant capacity Single radiator 1.02 liter / 1.08 US qt  
Starting aid Electric starter  
Frame Semi double cradle  
Forks Inverted, separate function  
Suspension travel front 250 mm / 9.8"  
Suspension travel rear 240 mm / 9.4"  
Brake disc - diameter front 256 mm / 10.0" 296 mm / 11.7"
Brake disc - diameter rear 220 mm / 8.7"  
Tire - front 3.00-21 51P 110/70 - 17M/C 54S
Tire - rear 120/80 -18M/C 62P 130/70 - 17M/C 62S
Chain DID 520VF 106 links  
Steering Caster 27°35´   Trail 113 mm / 4.4" Caster 25°45´   Trail 71 mm / 2.8"
Wheelbase 1,445 mm / 56.9"  
Ground clearance, unloaded 255 mm / 10" 225 mm / 9"
Seat height, unloaded 875 mm / 34.4" 855 mm / 33.7"
Total fuel tank capacity approx. 7.7 liters / 2.03 US gal  
Weight with oil and fuel, approx. 145 kg / 320 lb  


I have no affiliation with any of the above-mentioned businesses, nor do I derive any financial or other consideration from any of them. If you feel that I am representing any business unfairly, improperly, or incorrectly, please contact me via email; my eddress is on my home page.

Specifications subject to change without notice or regard to customers' expectations based
on previous model years' specifications or previous specifications for this model year.

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